Ibutamoren: top uses, biohacking

Ibutamoren (MK-677): pumps muscles and "reduces" age

The analog of growth hormone Ibutamoren (MK-677) instantly won the love and respect of fitness enthusiasts and professional bodybuilders. Effective, safe and affordable, Ibutamoren promotes the growth of dry muscles, removes excess water from the body, and along with it - a significant proportion of fat.

Ibutamoren promotes the secretion of growth hormone (GH) and increases insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) by approximately 39 to 89%.

MK-677 mimics the effect of the peptide hormone ghrelin - the "hunger hormone". Normal secretion of ghrelin prevents the development of obesity. The hormone affects the regulation of energy homeostasis, regulates the processes of fat accumulation, heat exchange, stimulates cognitive activity and protects against depression. It is important that ghrelin also promotes the release of growth hormone from the brain.

NB! Ibutamoren doesn’t affect the number of other hormones, for example, cortisol. In high concentrations, cortisol suppresses the immune system, reduces wound healing and worsens memory.

With the stimulation of the growth of quality musculature Ibutamoren increases the density of bone tissue. In 24 healthy male volunteers, the diameter of the bones grew after taking Ibutamoren. Another study showed that in postmenopausal women, Ibutamoren increased bone mineral density, resulting in a plus to bone strength and minus the risk of developing osteoporosis.

In addition to scientific research, various forums are flooded with messages about another unique property of Ibutamoren - the impact on the quality of sleep and improvement in well-being after waking up.

"Training can’t be effective and can be beneficial if you feel like a wreck. Live in the rhythm of a big city – it means that you rarely get enough sleep, or do not get enough sleep at all. With Ibutamoren, I sleep like a baby, and waking up feeling like a rested and contented life. This is an excellent helper not only in the gym, but also at work and at home"

Several studies prove the direct relationship of Ibutamoren and longevity - the drug increased the secretion of growth hormone to the level of a healthy young man without negative side effects. In addition, MK-677 prevents the growth of tumors and blocks the appearance of new ones.

Top 10 reasons for choosing Ibutamoren:

  1. Is used orally
  2. Promotes increased muscle mass
  3. Up to 12 HGH emissions per day
  4. Burns fat
  5. Improves sleep quality
  6. Increases Stamina
  7. Delays nitrogen in the body
  8. Increases strength
  9. Protects joints and ligaments from injury
  10. Strenghtens immune system