Arimistane is an estrogen blocker

Arimistane is natural metabolite of dehydroepiandrosterone, which is a powerful inhibitor of aromatase, an adrenal enzyme that converts testosterone and androstenedione to estrogens. Lowering the level of estrogen in the body, Arimistane creates an optimal anabolic environment for the growth and strengthening of muscle tissue, as well as for improving the body composition. The drug prevents the development of side effects such as gynecomastia, water retention in the body, a decrease in libido and other effects associated with an elevated level of estrogen.

However, the effect of the drug is directed not only to blocking the conversion of free testosterone to estrogen, but also to an active decrease in the level of cortisol. As is known, cortisol is a regulator of carbohydrate metabolism in the body and takes an active part in the development of stress reactions. In stressful situations the level of cortisol is significantly increased in order to provide the body with additional energy, and this is due to the cleavage of muscle tissue to glucose and amino acids. As a result, it can lead to the occurrence of such side effects as: excessive fat deposits in the abdomen and thighs, headaches, frequent colds, insomnia, disruption of gastrointestinal tract and thyroid function. Arimistane perfectly regulates the level of cortisol and avoids the occurrence of these unpleasant symptoms.

The drug regulates the level of low density lipoproteins, reduces effects of aromatization and significantly improves results of the course. Anabolic Brew Arimistane is suitable for use on the course and during post-course therapy.

 Active substance:



  • Prevents the conversion of free testosterone to estrogen;
  • Stimulates the production of its own testosterone;
  • Reduces the level of cortisol;
  • Improves the relief of muscles;
  • Increases the density of muscle tissue;
  • Regulates the level of cholesterol;
  • Reduces effects of aromatization;
  • Improves results of the course;
  • DOES NOT have progesterone activity;
  • DOES NOT detain water in the body;
  • Promotes rapid recovery of the body;
  • Increases libido;

Side effects and recommendations for the use

Take 1 capsule 3 times a day. If the recommended dosages are observed, the drug does not cause side effects.

Arimistane is not recommended for people under the age of 18, for those who suffer from cardiac arrhythmias, low blood pressure and who have liver and kidney diseases.