TUDCA. The best liver support supplement

Time is running and, as it happens, new diseases appear. Unfortunately, most of them are very dangerous, especially when it comes to those that affect nervous system, because it affects both mental and physical activity of a person. Realizing the importance of the situation, many people ask themselves: is there any way to protect our nerves and avoid this terrible fate? Fortunately, modern medicine assures that taurourodeoxycholic acid (Anabolic Brew TUDCA) will come to the aid.

Let's think: what taurourodeoxycholic acid is like? TUDCA is a substance naturally produced in human body and at the initial stage is a salt of bile acid, which when comes to the intestine is metabolized to ursodeoxycholic acid, and then, when bound to the taurine molecule, it becomes TUDCA. As a result, TUDCA, being a metabolite of ursodeoxycholic acid, has protective effect on the liver, and also helps digest and assimilate nutrients and vitamins.

8 reasons to choose Anabolic Brew TUDCA:

  1. Taurosodeoxycholic acid really protects the liver. It helps to remove toxic substances from bile, protecting the liver from poisoning and huge amount of diseases caused by exposure of these toxic substances.
  2. TUDCA regulates the level of cholesterol in the liver. It prevents the development of cholestasis, since it has the ability to break down fats. Tauroursodeoxycholic acid also protects nerves of the liver from effects of various infections and is used to treat gallstones with high level of cholesterol.
  3. TUDCA is effective for fat burning and is ideal for people who want to get rid of excess body fat.
  4. Taurosodeoxycholic acid is included in many medicines for treatment of visual impairment. Tauroursodeoxycholic acid is widely used in treatment and prevention of retinitis pigmentosa, retinal apoptosis and other diseases.
  5. TUDCA protects nerve cells from death. As mentioned earlier, taurouisodeoxycholic acid helps to remove toxic substances from bile, protecting the liver from poisoning. Thus, getting rid of toxic substances, TUDCA protects and nerve cells. Tauroursodeoxycholic acid also reduces stress very well.
  6. Taurosodeoxycholic acid is effective in the treatment of Huntington's disease. It dissolves in water and is able to pass through hemato-encephalic barriers, simplifying the delivery of necessary substances to different parts of the body. Due to its neuroprotective qualities it can also be used to treat Parkinson's disease.
  7. TUDCA is actively used as a neuroprotective agent in the rehabilitation period after a stroke.
  8. In addition, taurusodesoxycholic acid protects the liver from negative effects of alcohol. However, remember that TUDCA should be taken directly AFTER drinking alcohol, and not vice versa.

Side Effects of TUDCA

With proper use, TUDCA has no side effects, as mentioned earlier, it is naturally produced in human body and plays a key role in protecting the liver, as well as in digesting vitamins and minerals.