Myostine (YK-11): WOW-effect for muscle growth

Myostine (YK-11): WOW-effect for muscle growth

One of the most popular and powerful SARMs of the new generation is Myostin (YK-11). The drug, which acts superior to testosterone, accelerates muscle growth at the genetic level. Therе is an ambiguous view that the YK-11 selective modulators of the androgen receptor class are mistaken and still a steroid. We tell why it is not so.

Myostin is a myostatin inhibitor or a blocker of a protein that inhibits muscular growth. For each person nature provides a "muscle threshold", after reaching which the muscles cease to grow. This potential is laid down at the genetic level and no exercise-diets will help to overcome it. In this situation, Miostin will become a life-saving circle.

Getting into the body, the drug joins the androgen receptors and activates the production of follistatin (Follistatin-344) - autocrine glycoprotein, which prevents the connection of blockers of muscle growth.

Important! Experts warn: 99.99% of artificial follicatin is a fake. In its natural form, this element is contained in virtually all tissues of the body and the greatest effect in muscle building will be achieved by activating its independent work.

As a result of numerous tests, Miostin repeatedly proved his safety. Studies have shown that with the deactivation of follistatin, YK-11 has a wide range of anabolic properties. The drug does not fully activate the androgen receptor, which makes it a partial agonism. Thus, under the influence of Myostin, the cells are less susceptible to androgen stimulation compared to dihydrotestosterone. In this case, YK-11 selectively binds to androgen receptors only in muscles and bones, similar to SARM.

Users of the forums claim that with Miostin for 1 - 2 months gain from 6 to 12 kg, and some and more, dry muscle mass.

"I just started working with YK-11 three days ago and now I feel like a real animal in the gym. An excellent drug, you feel overwhelmed instantly and you get a lot of energy"

Myostin's undeniable advantage is the super ability to grow new muscles over those that have already reached the genetic limit. The volume of the muscular corset increases, and its hardness. Heavy muscles are less prone to deformation or burnout during classes in the hall. As a result, with Myosteen, training will become more powerful, longer, more effective, and the achieved results will be preserved even after the course is over.

"Training is still as good as at the beginning of the course, no addiction. Over the past 2 days, I was asked what I'm taking, because the muscles are growing in front of my eyes. Especially the feet. Even my wife said that my calves look bigger, but she never says anything, unless it becomes noticeable "

So, why is it worth trying Myostin (YK-11)?

Overcoming the muscular potential of the body at the genetic level

  1. Increase in dry muscle mass
  2. Strengthening strength and endurance
  3. Strengthening of muscles
  4. Stimulation of follistatin
  5. Blocking of myostatin
  6. With the recommended dosage - no side effects