M-sten + DMZ

Often, to improve and consolidate results of taking prohormones, athletes combine several drugs during the course, or gradually replace several of them.

As a rule, experience shows that such a practice is very effective in terms of muscle mass gain, because competent combination allows to strengthen the effects of each of preparations, as well as to avoid undesirable side effects.

One of the most popular ligaments on the course is M-sten + DMZ. What are its advantages?

As is known, DMZ is the strongest prohormone obtained from dihydrotestosterone. It provides the most powerful growth of muscle tissue, so it was originally used in medicine as an effective drug for treatment of osteoporosis, tuberculosis and other diseases, which lead to sharp loss of weight and muscle weakness. By its action, DMZ is very similar to Superdrol and is one of the best in terms of a set of dry muscle mass and improving the body composition. DMZ is not aromatized, so it doesn’t cause gynecomastia, fluid retention in the body and other undesirable effects associated with increased estrogen levels.

M-Sten is the most powerful selective methylated prohormone, which is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone and also ensures the rapid build-up of quality muscles without fluid retention in the body. M-sten increases the density and rigidity of muscle tissue, and also improves the intensity of strength training, allowing you to save the results for a very long time.

The combination of these drugs is aimed at the maximum rapid and qualitative build-up of muscle mass. In this case, you immediately note sharp improvement in strength and endurance, and the body will acquire a pronounced relief. The advantage of the combination M-sten + DMZ is that they perfectly complement each other, the effect of their intake is synergistic.

Effects of taking M-sten + DMZ (Phantom)

  • Improvement in results of the course;
  • Powerful and super-fast pumping;
  • Pronounced muscle relief;
  • Muscular tissue tightening;
  • Improvement of endurance and strength;