Endorol or tablet instead of sports

Today everybody wants to have toned body, but unfortunately, not all have such opportunity because of medical contraindications, lack of time and many other factors. However, experts hasten to reassure: do not despair, there is a solution!

Can you imagine a pill that could completely replace active exercises? Hard to believe, but scientists from the Research Institute of Scripps led by Thomas Burris are ready to convince us otherwise. Searching for medical methods of combating obesity for a long time, researchers still managed to develop a substance that can quickly burn body fat and promote lean muscle recruitment even without regular exercises.

SR9009 is true breakthrough in modern medicine. The principle of its action consists in the fact that it activates Rev-ErbAa protein that plays a critical role in the regulation of circadian rhythms and influences the processes of lipid and glucose metabolism in the liver. The drug significantly increases the metabolic activity and has unique ability to simulate the effect of intense training.

As you can see, modern medicine does not stand still, and, consequently, we too. Anabolic Brew, keeping pace with the times and tracking developments in the field of sports medicine, does not lag behind the latest trends and promptly launches sale SR9009 under the trade name Endorol.

The drug, as well as other sarms produced by Anabolic Brew, is harmless and made exclusively from high quality materials, tested by HPLC.


Studies in mice showed that animals whose body lacks protein Rev-ErbAa have underdeveloped muscles, their metabolic rate has been reduced and they are unable to withstand long-term physical activity. However, after administration to mice SR9009 the rate of metabolism in muscle tissues of animals has increased dramatically, and although their artificially limited in physical activity, they were able to run a distance, which they had previously failed to pass. Mice that received the SR9009, began to lose weight, and the level of LDL cholesterol in their blood has decreased significantly.

The study's authors say that using SR9009, people who do not have opportunity to engage in sports for any reason, will now be able to control their weight without resorting to all sorts of physical exercises.

... Under the influence of SR9009 experimental animals gain the muscle of well-trained athlete. With our drug people, for whatever reasons, deprived of opportunity to engage in sports, will be able to live a much more fulfilling life ...

Voice of America, July 19, 2013


Talking about the effects produced by the drug, should be highlighted:

  • a significant increase of the effectiveness and duration of cardio and strength training;
  • increase in the level of activity of skeletal muscles;
  • increase of muscle mass;
  • effective fat burning.


  • clear improvement of metabolism;
  • prevention of metabolic syndrome and obesity;
  • lowering of LDL cholesterol;
  • improving the condition of skin and hair;
  • Prevention of type 2 diabetes.

How to use

To increase endurance and power performance:

1 tablet per day in the morning (from 7.00 to 8.00 am) before meals for 6 weeks.

For fat loss:

1 tablet per day in the morning before meals for 8 weeks, then it is recommended to make a break for 4 weeks.

Endorol is one of the best preparations for burning fat. And in combination with Ostarine effect is altogether amazing. By the way, buy Ostarine in our shop. You can also read all the reviews.

Side effects

Under the recommended doses Endorol does not cause side effects.


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