Accadine. Closer look.

Accadine. Closer look.

Accadine (AC-262) – a sensational name in the market of non-steroid drugs, belonging to the class of selective androgen receptor modulators or Sarms. After the ban of Ostarine, the AC-262 became a worthy replacement for him due to a number of advantages: from a powerful effect on the growth of dry muscles to the prevention of prostate cancer.

AC-262 works in conjunction with androgen receptors (AP), activating them in bone and muscle cells. Unlike testosterone, which also interacts with AR, Accadin acts selectively and does not affect the genital tissues, liver and central nervous system.

Studies have shown that Accadine increases the natural level of testosterone by 66% without negative side effects, while increasing anaerobic activity by 27%. From this we can conclude that the AC-262 has an anabolic and androgenic rating in the ratio of 2,45: 1.

The drug significantly improves the anabolic parameters, especially in the pelvic floor. Thanks to in conjunction with the AR Accadine concentrates only on the muscles, their endurance increases and takes the training to a new, more qualitative level.

"Professionally I have never swung, only to maintain a good shape, several workouts a week. I started to dry, but there was not much effect, and the familiar coach recommended Accadine from Anabolic Brew. Before that I spent about a week on drying, to no avail. With Accadine (I drank 1 capsule for 28 days) I achieved what I wanted: muscles grow, fat goes away, increased the number of trainings. For a month I threw off about 5 kg. A huge plus is that the drug positively affects the muscles without harm to the body, is absolutely legal and non-toxic"

In addition to the undeniable advantages in bodybuilding, scientists place great hopes on Accadine in the field of prostate cancer prevention, thanks to the ability of AC-262 to block the effect of dihydroxytestosterone on the growth of prostate cells, and to contribute to its reduction in general.

Fact: AC-262 reduces the level of luteinizing hormone (LH) involved in the natural production of testosterone in men and estrogen in women. Increased concentration of luteotropin in the body leads to a decrease in potency in men, melancholy, drowsiness and significantly reduces efficiency. Accadine not only solves this problem - it is proved that even with a decrease in the level of LH the drug produces a similar effect with testosterone on the growth and development of muscles.

It’s known that many anabiotic androgenic steroids cause virilization - the manifestation of masculine traits in the female body (growth of hair on the body, coarsening of the voice and others). Accadine, like other Sarms, does not cause a similar effect. Dignity the drug is also that the AC-262 increases libido, makes a woman feel sexy and desirable.

Unexpected bonus: at present, studies are under way to identify contraceptive properties in Accadin...for men! Preliminary results showed that AC-262 has all the chances to become an effective contraceptive.

So, as a result of taking Accadine (in recommended doses), we get:

  1. The growth of quality muscle mass
  2. Strong bones
  3. The effect of testosterone without a negative effect on the body
  4. Increase of efficiency and endurance
  5. Prophylaxis of prostate cancer
  6. Increased libido and sexual desire