About us

We have come a long way from the idea to its realization and are ready to give you an extremely high-quality product. We work with suppliers who collaborate with such famous brands as: Primitive Labs, and Xtreme Sports Gaspari Nutrition. We use only raw material checked by HPLC and produce the final product at the pharmaceutical company, which supplies drugs to pharmacy chains.

We don’t say about the miracles that create our products without proper effort. We do not sell magic pills, we sell tools. The most advanced and powerful tools that we have at our disposal.We will always be the first and will never be the followers.

We try to find motivation in stories of people who live their dreams. Henry Ford wanted to create a product of the highest possible quality with the lowest possible cost. Tony Hsieh created the company, which for a long time was competitive only because of good service delivery. We try to combine the experience of generations and use it for the benefit of the final consumer. Because we believe - quality over marketing and honesty above all else.