Dragon Slayer

Dragon Slayer
Packing 60 caps. 20 mg. each
49 $

What is Dragon Slayer?

Dragon Slayer is new powerful drug produced by Anabolic Brew.

The effectiveness of Dragon Slayer depends on uniqueness of its composition, where there is a combination of two perfectly complementary drugs. Ibutamoren is powerful stimulator of growth hormone secretion, which stimulates its release by affecting hypothalamic and pituitary GHRP receptors. However, it does not affect the level of cortisol, it promotes rapid growth of quality muscle mass, increases bone mineral density, as well as improves fat metabolism in the body.

The second component of Dragon Slayer is RAD 140, a non-steroidal bioactive drug of SARMS class, which also actively promotes the increase in muscle mass, and what is important, has no any negative effect on liver, nervous and reproductive systems. Radarine has a beneficial effect on metabolism, and actively promotes the regeneration of damaged tissues.

The combination of Ibutamoren and RAD 140 in Dragon Slayer provides the fastest and best quality buildup of dry muscle mass. In this case, you immediately note the improvement in strength and endurance, and your body will acquire good relief. The advantage of Ibutamoren + RAD 140 combination is that they perfectly complement each other, the effect of their administration is synergistic.

Anabolic Brew Dragon Slayer is a product of the highest quality, manufactured in a modern certified enterprise with strict observance of all necessary norms and quality standards, and also passed all the mandatory checks on the Russian market.


  • increase in the volume of dry muscle mass without the phenomenon of rollback
  • strengthening of bones and joints
  • improves metabolism
  • marked improvement in endurance and strength
  • fat burning
  • improvement of skin condition
  • improvement of blood circulation

Side effects

When recommended dosages are observed, the drug has no side effects.

Recommendations for use

20mg a day during first week, 40mg during next 3 weeks. 


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