Packing 60 caps. 30 mg. each

What is the Phantom?

To improve and consolidate the results of usage prohormones athletes often combine several medications on the course, or gradually replace some of them.

In general, this practice is very effective in terms of increase in muscle mass and power performance because competent combination allows you to enhance the effects of each drug, as well as to avoid unwanted side effects.

One of the most popular chords on the course is the M-sten + DMZ. What are its advantages?

DMZ is strongest prohormone produced from dihydrotestosterone. It provides a powerful growth of muscle tissue, so initially used in medicine as an effective cure for osteoporosis, tuberculosis and other diseases that result in rapid weight loss and muscle weakness.

By its action Dimetazin is very similar to Superdrol. And it is one of the best in increasing muscle mass and improvement overall body composition. DMZ does not aromatize, thus avoiding gynecomastia, water retention and other adverse effects associated with the increase of estrogen level.

М-Sten is the most powerful selective Methylated prohormone, which is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone and also as Dimetazin provides rapid build quality muscles without water retention in the body. M-Sten significantly increases the density and stiffness of muscle tissue and improves the intensity of strength training, allowing you to store the results in a very long time.

The combination of these drugs is aimed to rapid increasing muscle mass.

In this case you will immediately note the improvement in power performance and endurance, and the body acquires a pronounced relief. The advantage of M-Sten + DMZ chord is that they perfectly complement each other, the effect of their reception is synergistic.


  • Dymethazine - 20mg
  • M-Stan - 10mg


  • a set of lean muscle mass;
  • powerful and super-fast Pumping;
  • seal of muscle tissue;
  • improvement of endurance and power performance;

How to receive from Anabolic Phantom Brew

Take 1 capsule of 1-2 times a day.


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