Packing 60 caps. 20 mg. each

What is ALPHA-1?

Alpha-1 is one of the most powerful prohormone on the market today. This product, designed for those who wants to increase lean muscle mass and improve the relief most rapidly. The composition of Alpha-1 includes single substance - Methyl-1-etiocholenolol-epietiocholanolone, not requiring the conversion because of its high efficiency. The effect of Alpha-1 is so powerful and fast, that it is recommended to have very short courses. In just 4 weeks, you will get a significant increase in quality muscle mass, increase in power and muscle density.

With its uncomplicated composition Anabolic Brew Alpha-1 doesn’t have side effects! Alpha-1 is not converted into estrogen, accelerates protein synthesis, and also provides the fastest set of lean muscle mass with retaining effect after the course. Moreover, it creates excellent conditions for the growth of insulin-like growth factor-1, responsible for the supply of glucose muscle tissue.


  • fast growth of muscle mass;
  • increase stiffness and hardness of muscles;
  • launching the process of protein synthesis;
  • improves endurance and power;


  • not flavored;
  • does not convert to estrogen;
  • increases the potency;
  • promotes the growth of IGF-1;

Side effects

Fluid retention in the body.

Recommendations for use

Take 2 capsules once a day for 4-8 weeks. It is necessary to pass post-cycle therapy, as well as take maintenance drugs on the course.


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